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ARTICLE - Beginning Impression Begun By Appropriate Reception Desks - April 2012

Posted on August 30, 2012 by Ken Rand Furniture There have been 0 comments

Entering into any office, the first thing an important client is going to be greeted by is the reception desk. The waiting area that one enters into as soon as they go into a business can set the stage for a great first impression. Having the right desk helps peg that business as professional and prepared, as well as welcoming.

A majority of businesses still do their work in real time rather than leaving it all up to the impersonal internet. This means that they require having adequate office space. A place to have meetings, to bring clients to sign paperwork, and to have presentations and appointments can be crucial to a real live business.

The first area that people enter into when they walk into a company’s office is the receiving area. This is where there are usually chairs for clients to sit and wait on, if not couches to make them even more comfortable. A good climate controlled atmosphere that welcomes people with fresh but unoffending scents is most ideal.

A key part of any waiting area is the reception desk. This is the front line that helps keep the business on track in more ways than one. A good secretary is nothing if he or she isn’t put behind the right greeting furniture. Welcoming people as they enter while also having all the necessary files at hand but kept discretely behind the desk is vital. It can make or break that first impression.

The secretary area is for more than just greeting customers. The design of the furniture in this space needs to be functional. Administrative office staff need to be able to at once be welcoming to those who enter the building while also having the privacy to do their work. A good piece of furniture here means they have everything they need nearby but out of the way of customers with a different focus.

Reception desks are important office furniture. They can set the standard that customers expect the business to run at, while also keeping the atmosphere of the office space welcoming and inviting. Choosing the right one should be easy, since they come in so many different sleek and modern styles. Having one, however, is critical.

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