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What we think of Google Glass

Posted on December 17, 2013 by Ken Rand Furniture There have been 0 comments

We have been discussing the concept of Google Glass this morning. It’s incredible that technology is at a point that it can now be monumentally integrated into our lives. To get GPS directions without holding a GPS device, to check social media sites without your phone, or to research without your laptop is incredible. The overall idea of the product is great, but when it comes down to the detail, We think it still has far to go.

The interface is still quite obtrusive to your line of vision and the glasses cannot currently be manipulated easily for different head sizes. We are aware that Google are working on prescription glasses, However, the mass manufacturing of bespoke products seems to be a bit difficult. It would be interesting to see how they tackle this issue.

I personaly wonder, how I would feel talking to my pair of glasses in the street, asking for directions while looking at the interface, or to the outside world, to the skies. I think most would question my sanity! Most voice recognition software I have been involved with has been inaccurate with a tedious set up. Although it has come a long way already, faced with a day to day situation of background rustle and bustle, I think it would become near unusable.

My mind then projects over where they will take it next. Will you be able to communicate with the interface without talking, will it read your thoughts? With Google already being known for tracking your emails, the idea of Google tracking my thoughts does not put me at ease.

All in all we think that it is fantastic that there is an entirely different direction being discovered within the realm of technology.  It’s great to see Industrial Designers being allowed to do what they do best, injecting amazing design into everyones everyday life. It’s all too familiar for designers to simply be fulfilling a brief and churning out yet another product onto the market next to its 50 other competitors.  Google Glass is more than just a product; it is a promise of what is to come!

By Sophie Hambling, Industrial Design Placement Student.

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