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What 2014 Means For Design

Posted on February 6, 2014 by Ken Rand Furniture There have been 0 comments

Graphic by @SoloKamilarts


2014 brings new and higher expectations for customer service. Neal Stone, founder and director at leapSTONE recently wrote an article expressing that ‘personalisation, convenience, seamlessness, sustainability, user-centred design…will undoubtedly play a major part in the reshaping of future retail experiences.’ Excellent customer service is no longer enough, companies need to be outstanding in all areas area of customer contact. Clients want to feel like they have designed their product, or environment. Designing and managing a project touching base as much as possible throughout the design process should now be second nature.

Social branding will continue to play a key part within businesses, with feedback (hopefully positive!) spreading over the internet like wildfire. Creativity can now flow freely and quickly enhancing interconnectivity, encouraging conversations and building business success. The New Year will also bring back the use of hand-drawn illustration, allowing the customer to see personality and raw talent of their designer, bringing back the individual identities of designers. 2014 will also bring in the big guns in terms of 3D renders, producing jaw dropping models that look more like photographs.

In terms of interior design 2014 will highlight the use of interchangeable products, producing environments that are alive, constantly adapting in a mix and match style which will increase colour and decrease uniformity. Through the use of vintage and new products, interiors will be reinvented with a glamorous edge.

As a designer, I find one of the most interesting areas is how people connect with products. When I receive a brief, I love getting involved in others visions and bringing it to life. It is my job to make sure you as clients connect with the products and environments within your projects. The concept of the ‘right blue’ is one that I struggle to explain. Think of it this way, if you visit a website, within the first couple of seconds you will decide if it is worth your business. You may not realise but this is due to a large range of factors, from font and colour, to layout and even margins. Camila is always looking to teach me about adding value through space, creating your layouts and proposals using white space, not images.

By Sophie Hambling, Industrial Design Placement Student. @lmsunshin3


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