Straight Reception Desks

Straight Reception Desks

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  1. Glisten Reception Counter

    SKU: MAG2486
  2. Blaze Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2480
  3. Kindle Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2479
  4. Studio Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2478
  5. Reflection Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2477
  6. Sound Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2476
  7. Ignite Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2475
  8. Flame Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2474
  9. Tiffany reception desk

    SKU: MAG2462
  10. Lithos - Reception desk 2

    SKU: MAG1319
  11. Lithos - Reception desk 1

    SKU: MAG1318
  12. Visage 1200 Reception Counter

    SKU: MAG0315
  13. Visage 1500 Reception Counter

    SKU: MAG0314
  14. Zeo Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2876
  15. Forum Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2875

15 Items

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Straight Reception Desks

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most beautiful and fitting designs. Less is more. That also counts for reception desks. The simple shape of our straight reception desks are designed to fit in any reception interior. We have a large selection of straight reception desks in different colours, made from different materials or with an illuminated front panel. Have a look at our collection, and if you can’t find a desk that fits all your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us on 023 9245 2767. Our team is ready to help you look further and find a solution that fits your company. We also provide a free design service for when you need help planning the ideal reception area.