Flick - Straight Reception Desk With DDA Section


The award winning design of Flick is perfect when looking for a reception desk that also makes a creative statement, combining interlacing metal structures with plexiglass - creating the feeling of space and light.  Suitable for a modern and contemporary space that wishes to demonstrate prestige and use of technology.

The DDA panel creates a low countertop which is a disability compliant access point.  Flick allows you to use a remote control to match the lighting to the needs of your business - the intensity and colour can be regulated, and either solid or pulsating light can be selected.

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Features low counter perfectly suited for disability access point

The desk is made up of modules of different sizes, which allow for versatile arrangements. If you have a preferred layout/size of desk in mind, please contact us and we can help with your choice.

Functional and decorative

Plexi glass combined with metal structures decorative panel

RGBW lighting

Lighting intensity and colour can be regulated by remote control

Pulsating or solid colour can be selected by remote control

White lighting tubes also available

Suitable for dark areas that require additional lighting

Wide work desk hidden by the raised frontal panel

Reddot Design Award Winner 2012

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