Round Boardroom Tables

Round Boardroom Tables

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  1. Quando - Office furniture set 4

    SKU: MAG1792
  2. Ogi-A - Small circular table

    SKU: MAG1866
  3. D3K - Circular meeting table

    SKU: MAG1905
  4. X10 - Circular meeting table

    SKU: MAG1929
  5. Status - Office furniture set 3

    SKU: MAG1770
  6. Gemini - Circular meeting table

    SKU: MAG1708
  7. Zenith - Circular table in oak

    SKU: MAG1742
  8. Zenith - Meeting area in oak

    SKU: MAG1743

22 Items

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Round Boardroom Tables

In the boardroom the centre piece is the table, all the meetings happen around the boardroom table. It might not seem like much, but choosing the right table can do a lot for how well a meeting goes. It is important that all attendants can partake equally and get a chance to say what they want to say. A round boardroom table can create a feeling of equality and it will stimulate the creative thinking process. Browse our online selection of circular boardroom tables now, or contact us on 023 9245 2767 and our team is ready to help! We can source more products for you, or help you with the design of your boardroom.

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