Curved Reception Desks

Curved Reception Desks

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  1. Valencia - Curved Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2885
  2. Fusion - 45° reception counter

    SKU: MAG1262
  3. Malakye Curved Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2507
  4. Scene - Curved reception desk 4

    SKU: MAG1313
  5. Ozone - Reception counter B

    SKU: MAG1124
  6. Zed - Curved reception desk 3

    SKU: MAG1350
  7. Evoke - Curved reception desk 3

    SKU: MAG1390
  8. Zed - Curved reception desk 2

    SKU: MAG1347

13 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Curved Reception Desk and Counters

Curved Reception Desk Ranges with their various dimensions have become more creative and popular in recent years. A well designed curved office desk really adds style and impact to any office furniture arrangement or waiting room environment, particularly when combined with co-ordinated colour schemes or the high quality wood grain finishes which are readily available within our quality product ranges; add LED lighting and the impact can be stunning.

Our curved desk range includes modular and bespoke options produced by some of Europe’s most Prestigious furniture manufacturers with the added value delivered by our in-house team ensuring customers receive the precise products and customer service levels they deserve.

Curved Modules can be combined to produce circles, ovals, waves and combined with straight modules to provide working/meeting pods, information areas, service points, conference areas, in fact any purpose you may wish to imagine.

The combination of co-ordinated seating, tables and displays enables the total impact of any reception to be transformed into a professional welcoming space. We look forward to discussing your wants and needs and will ask some key questions relating to the size, location, storage and working needs required from your desk. We will be delighted to “virtually” walk through the space with you in order to advise on the solution that meets your aspirations and budget.

Call us now on 023 9245 2767 in order to start the process, following which we will produce images and designs to enable you to make the best selection.