Meet and Greet Reception Desks

Meet and Greet Reception Desks

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  1. Brody Linear Reception Desk 1

    SKU: MAG0555
  2. Sound Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2476
  3. Reflection Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2477
  4. Studio Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2478
  5. Kindle Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2479
  6. Blaze Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2480
  7. Adore Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2481
  8. Apprise Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2482
  9. Innocent Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2483
  10. Life Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2484
  11. Alice - Curved Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2487
  12. Bespoke Reception Desk 2

    SKU: MAG2491
  13. Bespoke Reception Desk 11

    SKU: MAG2500
  14. Ignite Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2475
  15. Flame Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2474
  16. Reinhard Reception Desk 1

    SKU: MAG0566
  17. Sigma info station with storage

    SKU: MAG0595
  18. Sussex Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2868
  19. Zeo Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2876
  20. Honesty Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2877
  21. Visage 1500 Reception Counter

    SKU: MAG0314
  22. Visage 1200 Reception Counter

    SKU: MAG0315
  23. Reinhard Reception Desk 2

    SKU: MAG0567
  24. Sigma dual station with storage

    SKU: MAG0596
  25. Tiffany reception desk

    SKU: MAG2462
  26. Brooke Reception Desk

    SKU: MAG2527

28 Items

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Meet & Greet Counters

Installing an attractive Meet and Greet Reception Desk can be very important for many environments. A stylish reception desk will leave your visitors with a positive impression, which is always a good start for an introduction! Meet and greet desks are particularly appropriate for welcoming the public into your Salon, Hotel, Conference Venue, Gymnasium or Health Club. On many of these occasions it is more appropriate for the greeter to stand rather than sit and they are often smaller as they may simply require space for appointment books and maybe a telephone. Our collection of Meet and Greet reception desks has been put together keeping these requirements in mind. Many are taller than the standard desk level so you can stand comfortably while welcoming your guests, and there is enough space for the basic reception tools such as a telephone or agenda. Browse our collection and see for yourself what we have to offer, or call our design team on 023 9245 2767 and find out how we can help you. We offer a free design service and are more than ready to help you plan the perfect lay out for your Meet and Greet reception area.

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