Two Person Reception Desk

Two Person Reception Desk

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  1. Bespoke Reception Desk 15

    SKU: MAG2502
  2. Light - Curved reception desk 4

    SKU: MAG1376
  3. Bespoke Reception Desk 12

    SKU: MAG2501
  4. Bespoke Reception Desk 10

    SKU: MAG2499
  5. Bespoke Reception Desk 9

    SKU: MAG2498
  6. Bespoke Reception Desk 8

    SKU: MAG2497
  7. Bespoke Reception Desk 5

    SKU: MAG2494
  8. Bespoke Reception Desk 3

    SKU: MAG2492
  9. Bespoke Reception Desk 13

    SKU: MAG2488
  10. Evoke - Curved reception desk 4

    SKU: MAG1392
  11. Zed - Curved reception desk 4

    SKU: MAG1352
  12. Valencia Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2884
  13. Flick - Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2881
  14. Flick - 'L' Shaped Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2874
  15. Valencia Wave Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2873
  16. Sphera Reception Desk 10

    SKU: DCAS2544
  17. Sphera Reception Desk 8

    SKU: DCAS2542
  18. Sphera Reception Desk 4

    SKU: DCAS2541
  19. Sphera Reception Desk 3

    SKU: DCAS2429
  20. Valencia - Curved Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS2885
  21. Brody Linear Reception Desk 2

    SKU: MAG0556
  22. Zed - Straight reception desk 4

    SKU: MAG1351
  23. Zed - Straight reception desk 3

    SKU: MAG1349
  24. Scene - Straight reception desk

    SKU: MAG1316
  25. Scene - Curved reception desk 5

    SKU: MAG1314
  26. Cool Verano - Reception desk

    SKU: MAG1234
  27. Julius enclosed reception desk 2

    SKU: MAG0562
  28. Wave Edison Reception Desk

    SKU: DCAS8

48 Items

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Two Person Reception Desk and Counters

Creating space for two people to work behind reception, along with storage and an appropriate area for meeting and greeting customers and clients, can be a challenge. This is where our expertise of the last 40 years comes in. We are aware of the requirements and essential ingredients of a quality 2 person reception desk or counter and offer these design solutions, either through our comprehensive range of Modular Reception Desks and Counters or by developing a bespoke design to suit your particular need.
We find the most effective way to work with our clients is when they are able to provide us with the size and style of two person reception desk they are seeking and we are then able to develop detailed design proposals and complete comprehensive quotes. 
Common issues we seek to address involve the possible need for the furniture to meet Disability requirements, planning constraints and how to provide the most impressive entrance area set against your current room background.
Photographs often help us gain an impression of the setting so that we can make a Reception area really stand out.
We have provided reception desks and counters to Universities, Schools, Gyms, Salons, Solicitors, Factories and Offices, in buildings modern to ancient, with great success as can be seen on our Testimonials page.
The first stage in the process is to call 023 9245 2767 with as many details about your needs and Vision for the Reception Area. Following this we can work with you to develop a proposal which will meet and exceed your requirements.

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