Square Tables

Square Tables

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  1. Rubic - Coffee table

    SKU: MAG1995
  2. Austen - Square coffee table

    SKU: MAG1632
  3. Ogi-A - Small square table

    SKU: MAG1867
  4. Swoosh - Square coffee table

    SKU: MAG1661
  5. Plano - Square poser table

    SKU: MAG1658
  6. Plano - Square dining table

    SKU: MAG1657
  7. Square - Scaleable Table

    SKU: MAG0313
  8. Fifteen Square Table

    SKU: MAG0077
  9. Box Small Square Glass Table

    SKU: MAG0017
  10. Box Large Square Glass Table

    SKU: MAG0018
  11. Spirit Glass Top Table

    SKU: MAG0003

39 Items

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Square Tables

A square table can give your interior design the straight lines that are sometimes necessary to create the right composition in your reception area. Whether you are looking for a wood finish table or a glass table, our extensive collection has something for every taste and design. Browse our online collection now, or contact us on 023 9245 2767 and let us find you more options to choose from. We have years of experience with designing reception areas, and our team is more than ready to use their expertise to help you with your interior design. We provide a free design service and can produce 3D visuals to give you an impression of your reception area.