Tiered seating

Tiered seating

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  1. Lobe tiered 3 + 1 seat

    SKU: MAG1398
  2. Lobe tiered 3 + 3 seat

    SKU: MAG1397
  3. Lobe tiered 3 + 2 seat

    SKU: MAG1396
  4. Lobe - Tiered 4 seat

    SKU: MAG1395
  5. Lobe tiered 5 + 5 seat

    SKU: MAG1394

9 Items

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Tiered Seating

In many college or conference rooms there is a need to provide seating for a large group of people that will all need to see the front of the room where the presentation is given. The perfect solution to this problem is tiered seating. Tiered seating provides seating at different levels, allowing everyone to see the front of the room. Because of their compact design, our selection of tiered seating benches are ideal for small rooms. We do not only have a selection of conference tiered seating, but also supply a range of tiered benches in different shapes and colours, perfect to create a relaxed atmosphere in your classroom or in the breakout area in the office. 

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