Wooden Desks

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  1. Design 2000 - Wave desking

    SKU: MAG1045
  2. Design 2000 - D-end desking

    SKU: MAG1044
  3. EX10 - Consult workstation

    SKU: MAG1033
  4. EX10 - Universal workstation

    SKU: MAG1031
  5. EX10 - Bow fronted desk

    SKU: MAG1030
  6. Double wave desk with storage

    SKU: MAG2122
  7. Ogi-N - Office furniture set 4

    SKU: MAG1859
  8. EX10 - Kidney desk

    SKU: MAG1029
  9. EX10 - Wave desk

    SKU: MAG1028
  10. D3K Deskit - Wave desk

    SKU: MAG0990
  11. D3K Deskit - Consult desk

    SKU: MAG0994

59 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Wooden Desks

Creating a professional looking office is very important if you want to establish a good first impression with your employees and clients. When you are striving to create a professional look, working with wood finishes is a good start. Wooden furniture often has a certain feel of class that is important for your office. Ken Rand Furniture has an in-house design team with the experience to design and create outstanding office layouts. We can produce 3D visuals to help you plan your space. Call us today on 023 9245 2767 and let us help you create something amazing.

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