Styling Units

Styling Units

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  1. Pharao - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2139
  2. Portal - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2131
  3. Tops - Wall styling unit

    SKU: MAG2136
  4. Tops - Island styling unit

    SKU: MAG2137
  5. Unite - Floor storage unit

    SKU: MAG2147
  6. Unite - Wall storage unit

    SKU: MAG2146
  7. Mirage - Wall mirror

    SKU: MAG2144
  8. Mirage - Styling island unit

    SKU: MAG2143
  9. Pica - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2141
  10. Cocos - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2140
  11. Reflex - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2129
  12. Glamour - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2138
  13. Union - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2134
  14. Miracle - Styling unit

    SKU: MAG2133
  15. Central - Barbers unit

    SKU: MAG2148

15 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Styling Units

Mirrors are probably one of biggest features of a beauty salon. You walk in and you see the styling units with mirrors spread across the room. In our selection of styling units you will find wall-mounted mirrors with shelves, styling tables with multiple positions, and additional storage units to create the ideal look. Browse our online collection and order your new styling units. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us today on 023 9245 2767 and our team is ready to help you further. We provide a free design service and can produce 3D visuals to give you a glimpse into your new salon.

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