MAC-CALL Study Pods - 8 Pod

MAC-CALL is a collection designed to furnish study areas of any size thanks to a modular structure that allows creating infinite work stations. Mac-call is available in single or double row desks.

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- Both versions have the tops manufactured in 2.5 cm thick melamine panels and they are available in three sizes: 80, 100, 120 cm with a 60 cm depth.
- The front panel and lateral panels are also in melamine (1.8 cm thickness).
- The tops are distanced from the front panel by 4 cm to allow a gap between the two elements to be used as cable passage.
- For both versions the central panel that combines two or more work stations is manufactured with an 8 cm hole to allow horizontal cable passage.
- The work tops, the front panel and the lateral panels are available in white, maple and American walnut finishes.
- You can combine these study pods with desks, benches, drawer units and cabinets from matching collections.
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