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Alaga – Wash unit

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Anesi – Wash unit

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Arrow – Wash unit

SKU: MAG2183
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Bros – Wash unit

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Hydra – Wash unit

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Kiti – Wash unit

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Pandora – Wash unit

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Wash Areas

Every hair salon needs wash stations, even though a lot of clients will have their hair washed before getting a arriving at the salon. For a lot of clients it is a moment to relax and get pampered, so it is important they are as comfortable as possible. Our selection of wash areas have been developed with the comfort of customers in mind. They are available in different styles and colours so they fit in with the rest of your furniture. Have a look at our collection or call us at 023 9245 2767 and our in-house design team is ready to help. We provide a free design service and can produce 3D visuals.