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Azelf – Trolley

SKU: MAG2172
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Cirrus – Trolley

SKU: MAG2206
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Maraca – Trolley

SKU: MAG2173
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Munna – Trolley

SKU: MAG2174
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Quick – Salon equipment trolley

SKU: MAG2204
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Storm – Trolley

SKU: MAG2175
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Vee – Spa trolley

SKU: MAG2205
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Vivillon – Trolley

SKU: MAG2170
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Zo – Wax Trolley

SKU: MAG2207
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Salon Trolleys

In a salon you have lots of small pieces of equipment lying around that are needed frequently throughout the day. The easiest way to keep these accessible for anyone who needs them is storing them in mobile trolleys. This way your salon stays tidy and organised, and you create an efficient atmosphere at the same time. Have a look at our online selection of salon trolleys, or call us today on 023 9245 2767 and find out how we can help. We can look further, or we can help you with the design of your salon. Our design service is free, and we can also produce 3D visuals to give you an impression of the new design.