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Aloès – Coatstand

SKU: MAG2242
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Anita – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2243
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Arco – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2244
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Artu – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2245
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Bamboo – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2246
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Bambu – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2247
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Battista – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2248
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Bend – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2249
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Chase – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2250
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Corner Guy – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2251
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Deco – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2252
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Dodici – Coat stand

SKU: MAG2253
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Coat Stands

When you enter a building, one of the first things you usually do is take off your coat. So a coat stand is an item that should be on the furniture list of every company. Our coat stands come in so many different shapes, sizes, materials and colours, that you are guaranteed to find one that fits the design of your company. Have a look at our online collection now! 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us today on 023 9245 2767 and our team is ready to help! We can source more products, or provide 3D visuals to help you with the layout of your company’s interior design.