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Bespoke Reception Desk 1

SKU: MAG2490

Botleigh Reception Desk

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Botleigh Reception with Display Section

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Cell – Salon Reception Desk

SKU: MAG2443
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Crown Reception Desk

SKU: 2022-03
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Feliz Reception Desk

SKU: MAG2470
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Harrogate Reception Desk

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Howdy Reception Desk

SKU: 2022-02
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Meet and Greet Desk

SKU: 2022-01
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Royal Reception Desk

SKU: 2022-05
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Satellix – Mobile standing workstation

SKU: MAG2368
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Satellix – Mobile workstation

SKU: MAG2369
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Standing Reception Desk
In some welcome areas there is a high turnover of visitors and it can be more efficient for the receptionist to be standing up: It is easier to get out from behind the desk and interact with visitors. In our collection of standing reception desks you will find simple desks, desks with a media centre and desks to accommodate a computer screen. We have classic wooden desk as well as brightly coloured modern desks. Browse our online collection, or call us today on 023 9245 2767 to find out how we can help you. We have years of experience designing reception desks, and can help you find the ideal standing desk.